In 2006 at the Canadian Meet my friend and hood making mentor Dennis Maynes gave me a hood unlike any I had ever seen. It was love at first sight. Its shape was somewhat familiar but it had been customized to give it a very unique look. The hood was made by a truly gifted hood maker named Rob Coleman. Dennis and I worked on a similar pattern off and on for 6 years until we came up with my design. I contacted Rob and we became friends.,Coleman I paid him a royalty and named the hood after him.

In December of 2013 Rob Coleman passed away. RIP Robbie, I will miss our chats.

The Cole-man Hood is a highly stylized Blocked Indian hood which includes a protective sewn brace plate on the inside. The Cole-man Field Hood is made with fine tooling calf and comes with a two tier center deck and off setting throat slash and Turks knot.

The Cole-Man 'Exotic" is made with a lighter calf hide and laminated with durable, legally harvested Exotic skins. The hood also comes with a two tier center deck, off setting throat slash and Turks knot.

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cole-man f2 cole-man b

lizard2 cole-man ex  cole-man o cole-man f3

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