Pred8tr Hawk Eagle

This exciting new hood is a Hybrid "Mix" of my Pred8tr hood and my RT Hood. I am very excited about this new hood for Red Tail hawks, Hawk Eagles and Eagles.

The new hood features a newly designed back tongue which virtually eliminates ALL nape feather "Pinching,"as well as my NEW HOOD BRACING SYSTEM. With my new design the braces are allowed to "Float" in both the Open and Closed position. This makes hooding and the "Striking" of the braces more comfortable for the bird. With my new tongue design, as the hood is closed, the braces slowly glide down from the top OPEN position, to a secure downward "Closed" position. This allows for maximum comfort for the hawk, hawk eagle , or eagle, as you hood your bird.

Another new feature to my Pred8tr Hawk Eagle hood and I thank Nathan Birr from Western Sporting for this, is the addition of a centering Center tongue panel. This keeps the tongue from sliding from right to left. Thank you Nathan!!

The center panel can be dyed to match the the base color of the hood or you may choose and off-setting color to give your new Pred8tr Hawk eagle some "Pizzaz"!

Order "RT Size" for Red Tail hawks or "Large Size" for Hawk Eagles and Eagles.

Pred8tr Hawk Eagle RT Size

pred8tr hawk eagle


Pred8tr Hawk Eagle Large Size

pred8tr hawk eagle2