I am proud to offer a variety of different falconry hoods that are uniquely tooled and/or hand painted. Over the past years I have experimented with applying dyes to hoods rather than acrylic or other types of paints which in time will crack or peel. My special application and techniques mean that all my hoods are 100% DYED. The designs and paintings you see on and inside my hoods will never flake or peel off the hood, they are permanent.

A large number of the hood styles I offer are of my own creation. These hoods were either developed by myself or in collaboration with fellow hoodmaker Dennis Maynes.

These "New Styles" have been field tested by some of the finest game hawkers and fellow hoodmakers around the world. This is what they have to say.

I create classics in the way of the Old Masters, all of my hoods can be ordered tooled or carved, making your hood a one of a kind.

I do my best to make our customers as happy as possible. I accomplish this by maintaining low prices, providing friendly customer service and enjoying what I do. You are cordially invited to visit the product pages where you will find an extended selection of falconry hood styles, for most falcons, hawks and eagles.


I have painstakingly labored over the past 8 months designing new hood blocks for Red Tail hawks. Starting with dozens of Head Measurements and then skull castings I have come up with 9 NEW hood blocks for these magnificent hunting birds. From the smallest Tiercel to the largest eastern Female red tail. I then came up with an exciting new pattern to fit the 9 blocks. After several fittings and "Tweeks", I am now offering this new hood. It has a differently designed back tongue that eliminates feather pinching and the bottom of the hood features unique Curves that follow the contour of the Red tails skull and neck area. This hood is designed and made for red tails and is not offered for any other species.

The new hood is available with the following options, a Bonded Field hood, one or two colors, a X-stitched Field hood, one or two colors as well as a X-stitched Field hood, one or two colors with an added very unique "Exotic skin" Star, stitched to the top of the hood. I have dozens of colors and looks to choose from.